The Story

On a chilly February evening in Manhattan, the three of us sat a small table in the Pret á Manger on 29th and 7th hopelessly searching for an internet connection. We were meeting to formalize ideas we each had about a production company, that would truly be our production company, not some amalgamation of other people’s dreams and preferences.

As things go, we never found an internet connection, but it’s amazing what some unplugged face-to-face conversation can create.

Over three hours, we chatted about our passions, favorite movies, and the best tv shows on today and how they compared to those from our childhood.  It was through this exchange that we came to this realization: each of us could identify specific decisions or actions in our lives (good and bad) that were a direct result from watching some form of entertainment.

You see, entertainment isn’t experienced in a vacuum of theaters and living rooms, its visual aroma lingers in our hearts and minds, causing a change.

We wake-up thinking of the ending while drawing analogies to our own lives, use the witty comeback in a sticky work situation, or finally get the guts to reconcile with a loved one to whom we haven’t spoke in years. Subtle or monumental, entertainment changes us.

So, when Pret was closing and our eyes were bleary with excitement and fatigue, we were left with an undeniable truth, what we see becomes part of our life experience. Entertainment creates a thread in our emotional DNA. And since that’s a mighty important role, on a now freezing cold and slightly damp February evening, we made a commitment to each other, and to our future audiences, to always create content that will encourage, challenge, or inspire.







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