If you were wondering when you would see Guiding Light’s Remy back on the screen, you’re in for a big treat. Lawrence Saint-Victor, the soap opera hero, co-directed, wrote and acted in the short film, The Forgiven, recently featured on the big screen at The Big Apple Film Festival & Urban World Film Festival in New York City.Gabriel, the main character, played by Saint-Victor shows the very sensitive side of a gunman ordered to execute a precious young girl. The short film delivers a Christian message laced with crime, murder and mystery. Saint-Victor believes, “There is a way to create a quality Christian themed film and still capture your audience,“ as seen in The Forgiven.The Forgiven was produced by Saint-Victor Productions (Shay & Lawrence Saint-Victor) with The Works Films (Jamon Lewis, Executive Producer & Editor) and co-directed by Teisha Hickman with Saint-Victor. View the The Forgiven premier photos from the UrbanWorld Film Festival and The Big Apple Film Festive below:
Posted by Diane Da Costa on Nov 18, 2010

By Sqeaky Moore
Many loyal fans may have wondered when they would see Lawrence Saint-Victor (Guiding Light’s, Remy) again.   Recently, however, we learned that the good looking leading man from the day-time drama is keeping busy both on and off screen. Saint-Victor is not only capable of delivering great comedic and emotional scenes on television, but he is also adept at making films and can offer just as much behind the camera that he does in front of it.In his eleven-minute short film that recently aired dureing BET’s Urbanworld Film Festival, Saint-Victor offers a malicious, engrossing and contemplative story about forgiveness and fearlessness.In the opening scene of “The Forgiven”, a man is discovered bound and gagged and is beaten profusely by a couple of assassins. Moments later, Gabriel (Saint-Victor), also a hitman, is given the assignment to kill a young girl, played by Taylor McIntyre.  She’s being held captive, awaiting her fate.  It’s obvious that Gabriel has a strong fondness for the girl from the moment he seees her.  Once she learns that it is her turn to be killed, she prays for Gabriel and asks God to forgive him. Afterwards, telling him that if he is going to kill her, he has to do it while looking her in her eyes.  Conflicted, Gabriel must make a decision to kill his victim or be killed! The short was entirely engaging from start to finish. Along with co-director with Teisha Hickman, the duo pays great attention to detail and the theme of this fictive plot.  Lawrence Saint-Victor astutely teams up with his wife, Shay Saint-Victor,Executive Producer and Co-Director, Tiesha Hickman and Executive Producer, Editor and Director of Photography, Jamon Lewis (The Works Films), to create a world in this 11 minute film that would take some a feature length of time to produce.Saint-Victor gives a credible performance as a hitman, even with the many hats he wears as Writer, Editor and Director. The most astounding performance, however, was delivered from the 11-year old actress, Taylor McIntyre.  McIntyre’s portrayal was honest and natural. She bore a truthfulness that compares to a young Dakota Fanning. I hope to see her in future films.

And I was cautious going into all three of these Web series. Let’s face it, the hype for GOTHAM and VENICE has been huge. And maybe that’s why, ironically, it was Lawrence Saint-Victor (ex-Remy, GL) and Karla Mosley’s (ex-Christina, GL) WED-LOCKED that I actually came away liking the most. There were no fancy credit sequences, no jump-cuts and montages and snazzy edits. It was just watching two people — the fairly juvenile Robbie and his control freak wife Denise — interact within the confines of a fledgling marriage. Saint-Victor and Mosley are wonderful together, and their characters bear little resemblance to Remy and Christina.
Mala Bhattacharjee, news

TV show “Guiding Light” ended a 72-year run (it began on radio) but for a former star on the program, Lawrence Saint-Victor, it is a new beginning. Saint-Victor who appeared on the soap for 3 years as Remy Boudreau and his wife, actress/singer Shay Saint-Victor have teamed as executive producers with Christina Faison, the director  to produce “Wed-Locked” a Web series about the joys (and pains) of the first years of marriage. Lawrence takes the lead on the series portraying newlywed husband to Denise as played by Karla Mosley a “Guiding Light” co-star.According to Lawrence, the idea started with Karla Mosley’s mother who suggested that the duo create a spin-off based on their characters on Guiding Light, adding that it should also go straight to the Internet. “We thought it was a great idea because it would be an opportunity to continue the interactivity with the audience we established,” said Lawrence.The Saint-Victors are indeed continuing the interactivity by utilizing Facebook in a creative way. They will be posting new episodes from their You Tube channel as well as posting updates and other information in the characters of Robert and Denise (read the Wed-Locked profile info). “Wed-Locked” also has a presence on Twitter and MySpace, and the website hosts a screening room and the producers’ blog. Lawrence and Shay definitely call producing a Web series a guerrilla experience, where “we’ve learned everything as we’ve gone along.”  The couple who knew little about webcasting has financed the production from their own pockets and from the generosity of the cast and crew who’ve either worked for gratis or for little to nothing. The most fulfilling aspect has been seeing people come together to make the Web series happen by its November 1 premiere. Lawrence states, “We will continue to create content for the Web and use ‘Wed-Locked as a building block” to new endeavors.

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